We specialize in providing profitable inventory solutions to businesses with idle, obsolete, or inessential equipment. We have extensive experience in creating individualized solutions for customers needing MRO and tool crib cleanouts, surplus materials and machinery elimination, and complete liquidation.

Our Services

We understand that every business's situation is unique when it comes to offloading surplus assets and equipment. Whether yours is upgrading machinery, eliminating an MRO room of obsolete parts, preparing for a corporate audit, relocating, or undergoing liquidation, we take pride in developing and executing customer centric, comprehensive solutions for all of our clients.

Expedited Removal Service - Many companies needing to part ways with assets and equipment are under some kind of time constraint. Whether you need floor space to expand or are simply relocating, we offer a quick removal service to meet your demands.

Surplus / MRO Buyouts - Have an MRO room of surplus parts, components, or machinery? Feel free to contact us and give us an opportunity to purchase your surplus materials!

Liquidation - We also offer options for liquidating assets. Whether you have forklifts, commercial equipment, machinery, pallet racking, office furniture, presses, CNC machines, etc., we can help provide options to sell everything to the highest bidder at public auctions.

Industrial Resale - We carry used and new industrial equipment for wide-ranging applications including electronics, controls, pneumatics, hydraulics, and robotics. We regularly have the best prices on items from top brands like Allen-Bradley, ABB, SMC, Turck, Hoffman, Fanuc, Banner and many more.

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